Sep 27, 2013 8:07 PM by Bill Folsom

Colorado Springs firefighters back after nine day Colorado flood rescue mission

An intense nine days of search and rescue missions have given five Colorado Springs firefighters unique perspective on the flooding devastation in the state. "You get flown into an area and dropped off and then we're there to do everything we can to provide assistance to people," said Colorado Springs Fire Department Lieutenant, Aaron McConnellogue. The local firefighters were among several hundred firefighters helping F.E.M.A. with national disaster urban search and rescue.
They describe working from first light until after dark moving quickly to get people to safety. "The pace is very intense as far as a continual go, go, go,"
With water raging they had to do whatever necessary to make sure flood victims were safe. "A lot of swimming out into areas, into places that are now islands or houses that are submerged in water," said McConnellogue, "Where there's only four of five feet of the house showing. We need to get into those houses and search for people." An example of the high risk nature of the mission: The first night some search and rescue teams were told to sleep wearing life-jackets and if they heard a warning siren to head to high ground.


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