Jun 25, 2014 11:14 PM by Matt Prichard

Colorado sex trafficking crackdown

18 kids in Colorado, 168 nationally all rescued from the underworld of child sex trafficking. Outstanding numbers that have law enforcement in Colorado Springs up their efforts outside of operation cross country.

"We had a lot, we did a great job. But ultimately it's about what we're doing through the year and what we're going to do throughout the year. It's not about one week it's about every other day after this week," said Rocky Mountain Lost Innocence Task Force spokesman, Sgt. Dan Steele.

"This doesn't mean we've solved this problem, not even for this month or this year. This could go on all the time, and we could be trying to address this problem," said District Attorney of the 18th Judicial District, George Brauchler.

For us in Southern Colorado we saw two kids recovered from the operation, both from the Colorado Springs area. Numbers that are encouraging, but still way too high which is why Springs and Pueblo Police say we have to continue these kids of operations.

"We want to get them away from their pimps and get them to a safe and secure environment so they too can receive the treatment to walk away from the lifestyle," said Colorado Springs Police spokesman, Lt. Mark Comte. 

"Every time it makes a dent, but it starts going back to the prostitution and the things that are going on. Maybe it hinders it for a little while but it's still out there," said Pueblo Police spokesman, Sgt. Eric Gonzalez. 

Across the state though one thing rings true, if it's happening we want it stopped and fast.

"We're out there and you can't take anything for granted. If you engage in this behavior we'll try to find you, and we will prosecute you and hold you accountable, and get you justice," said Brauchler.

Law enforcement throughout the state says they'll be stepping up their efforts with the hope of rescuing more of these young girls. 



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