Jul 29, 2014 1:14 PM by Lena Howland

Colorado City to discuss marijuana licenses

The Colorado City Board of Directors will discuss a resolution opposing marijuana licenses or cultivation within Colorado City Tuesday evening.

Pueblo West passed a similar resolution last week opposing the licensing of any additional marijuana outlets, cultivation centers, production of infused products or clubs within the Pueblo West Metropolitan District.

A plea from locals in Colorado City...

"I believe that it's a slippery slope. I believe that once marijuana becomes more and more accepted, then it's easier to accept other drugs. I believe there are some inherent dangers in marijuana," Terry Kraus, Greenhorn Valley View Publisher said.

They hope to ban all sales and production of marijuana within their town.

"We have a discussion item to encourage the Pueblo County Commissioners to ban all retail, recreational, marijuana grows in Colorado City," David Valdez, Colorado City Metropolitan District Manager.

The proposed resolution was brought to the Board of Directors by the owners of the Greenhorn Valley View.

"We watched the success of Pueblo West Metro. District and passing a resolution opposing any more expansion of marijuana-related industries and we felt like that was a positive thing for out here as well," Kraus said.

Even though Colorado City doesn't have any marijuana shops right now, they're asking to pass an identical resolution to Pueblo West.

"We want some say about what businesses can come out here," Kraus said.

"I'm against marijuana even it's purpose is for medical reasons," Terry Milsam, a member of the Colorado City Board of Directors said.

We took these concerns to Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace.

"I'm really interested to hear what the citizens in Colorado City have to say and we'll certainly take that into account," Sal Pace, a Pueblo County Commissioner said.

And if this resolution were to move forward... it's still not legally binding.

"They would strongly recommend that County Commissioners adhere to. County Commissioners aren't legally obligated to do no such thing," Valdez said.

Tuesday night's meeting is just a discussion on this resolution and we will keep you updated if it does move forward.


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