Jan 23, 2011 8:01 PM by Matt Stafford

Cold case reunion story brings hope to Springs family

It's an unbelievable story that's played out in news across the nation. A woman from Connecticut -- who was kidnapped less than three weeks after birth -- found her birth parents 23 years later.

After feeling like things weren't matching up 23-year-old Nejdra Nance did some investigating of her own. She found out a big surprise; she's really Carlina White of New York. Later, DNA tests confirmed her discovery. She was taken from a New York hospital just weeks after birth.

This story has special meaning for one local family, The Abeytas, who've been searching for their son, Christopher, for nearly 25 years.

"I just couldn't stop crying," Bernice Abeyta, Christopher's mother said about the first time she heard the story of Carlina White. "I'm just so excited about it."

"I'm encouraged by it," adds Gil Abeyta, Christopher's father. "I think if it happened to them it could certainly happen to us."

"This has probably been one of my better weeks in a long time," says Bernice. "The whole week I've been smiling and happy, and I'm sure it's because of this."

However, after nearly 25 years of searching, they know not to get their hopes up too high.

Seven-month-old Christopher disappeared from his room in July 1986. Police and volunteers led the search but came up with nothing.

The Abeyta family has never given up their search. They believe Christopher is alive, and hope the story of Carlina pushes him -- where ever he is -- to investigate his own background. They've thought of that happening before.

"We called it the boomerang effect, the fact that he would come back to us," says Gil. However, they say that they can't rely on that, so they keep searching. But they dream that someday they would get a call like Joy White got from her long-lost daughter Carlina.

"I am completely convinced he is there," says Bernice. "Christopher, I hope you find us."

No arrests have been made in Christopher's disappearance.

The Abeytas are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to their son. You can find out more about the search online. Click here to visit their website, or click here for their Facebook page.


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