Oct 23, 2012 1:20 PM by Siera Santos

Closing arguments presented in Carrier trial

Both sides presented closing arguments in the Josh Carrier trial.

The defense claims testimonies from most of the victims are greed and revenge driven. Carrier's attorney said that "crushing external influences" heavily affected the witnesses' recollections. He went on to discredit witnesses by reminding the jury that some students had been suspended and another could not remember the physical sensations from having his penis inspected with a pair of tweezers during one of the skin checks, which are the primary incidents that have been called into question.

Carrier's attorney asked the jury to take into consideration that the prosecution "won't put pieces of evidence into context."

"Remember liberty and justice aren't just pretty words. It's hard work," Carrier's attorney said before resting.

"Be true to your heart. Understand that you make the difference. Acquit Josh Carrier of these poisonous allegations."

The prosecution initiated its closing argument by claiming Carrier is a "distorter" and "manipulator." To counterpoint the defense's claim that witnesses had a "sincere, but mistaken belief" about what had occurred during skin checks, the prosecuting attorney said the only people who had a sincere, but mistaken belief were the parents of the children and school administrators.

She brought up the point that sexually explicit Internet searches were done before Carrier began volunteering and "got involved in a sport which is tempting for someone sexually attracted to children."


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