May 3, 2012 9:13 PM by Jacqui Heinrich

City likely to eliminate FREX

It seems the city is closer to pulling the plug on the Front Range Express - also known as FREX - here in Colorado Springs.

At last night's town hall meeting Mayor Bach answered questions from the public; many were worried about the future of FREX and what that could mean for them. Bach's answer: it must go because the city can't afford it.

The Mayor's Transit Solutions Team recommended eliminating FREX back in April. Around 200 passengers ride the bus each day, but it's costing El Paso County taxpayers almost $7,000 per rider each year. City officials say it comes down to 'priority-based budgeting'. "Our only alternative if we don't close FREX would be to reduce the fixed transit system within Colorado Springs," Steve Cox, Chief of Economic Vitality & Innovation told News 5.

Some commuters aren't happy about the decision. "Commuting up to Denver, earning money, bringing it back here to spend. So whatever portion they spend here we get sales tax for," Ray Kreuger of the City Transportation Advisory Board said today.

Some riders use the service to get to work while others use it to get specialized medical services in Denver. The city has recommended expanding the van pool service to accomodate those riders.

The decision to eliminate FREX won't be finalized until City Council votes on the issue May 22nd, but it's likely they'll vote to support the Mayor's decision.



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