Jul 7, 2014 11:34 PM by Matt Prichard

City employees not living in the city

Pueblo residents grow uneasy as whispers circle about city employees that don't live inside city limits---with Police Chief, Luis Velez on that list.

"You know our chief can't get down here quick enough to resolve an issue that could potentially be something huge and life threatening, so it's definitely a drawback," said Pueblo resident, Bryan Osif. 

Chief Velez calls Colorado Springs home, something that doesn't sit well with some Puebloans. But councilmember, Steve Nawrocki says you can't force it on someone, simply because their job is there.

"You can't demand, as long as they give you 100-percent for the job they've been hired for, I don't think you can dictate where they live," said Nawrocki.

Also not everyone in Pueblo is overly concerned about employee living situations, saying sometimes an outside perspective can be a breath of fresh air.

"They might not have associations, positive or negative, and they might actually bring more competency to the position than somebody that's local, who might've had some favoritism going up through the ranks," said frequent Pueblo visitor, Mario Echevarria.

Still councilman Nawracki admits it would be nice to have everyone living in the same place but contends it's not a deal breaker either.

"I guess in an ideal world you'd like things a little bit differently, but to me that's not a priority," said Nawrocki.

The Pueblo City Charter states that only the City Manager and City Attorney must live inside city limits, and Nawrocki believes that's how it'll stay for the time being.



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