Jun 12, 2011 12:31 AM by John Romero

Circus performer falls, but in "good spirits"

A day at the circus nearly turned deadly for one performer. During a routine set up of the Ringling Brothers "Double Wheel" act, one of the performers fell between 20 and 30 feet without a net below him.

Kristie Angus and her kids were at the show. "We saw everything rocking and then you could see everybody rushing to the ground where the person was laying." she explains, "It was a pretty big fall. It was a long distance."

Ringling Brothers won't confirm the name of the man, but their website lists the "Double Wheel" performers as brothers Guillermo and Alberto Fernandez. Angus tells us it looked like the victim missed the padding and landed on his back though he did move. "I saw this leg move and I saw him lift his head. But otherwise, he just laid on his back." she sasy.

Ringling Brothers says amazingly it seems he'll be ok, though they're not sure when he'll return to performing. They tell us he's in "good spirits".



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