Apr 11, 2014 11:42 PM by Matt Prichard

Child enticement cases on the rise

Parents in one Colorado Springs neighborhood growing anxious after three kids were approached by two strangers and asked to get inside the car.

"I'm always looking out the door every 10-seconds watching my daughter play with her friends out here. And I tell her friends the same things, even though I'm not their parents," said Mineola Street resident, Sylvia Quintana. 

Those with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office say it happened just last Saturday on Mineola Street and the very next day happened again in Security, showing a trend and prompting conversation for parents.

"We don't want to give the impression to our kids that all strangers bring some level of danger to us but we want to educate them into the potentials of dangerous situations, to make sure they react and respond to those situations accordingly," said Lt. Jeff Kramer of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

But parents say every stranger is a risk and they aren't taking any chances. 

"I was out till nine o'clock running around and you can't do that anymore. No way my child is going to be doing that," said Quintana. 

And perhaps the best way of keeping your child safe, starts with being vigilant and simply picking up the phone.

"If you see some kind of suspicious vehicle or some other suspicious activity take place, regardless if it involves anyone you know specifically, we want a phone call," said Lt. Kramer.

Kramer added that as temperatures continue to get warmer these kind of cases are going to become more and more common, so stay safe and stay aware.



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