Sep 19, 2012 2:41 PM by Kirsten Bennett

Charges dropped against three Boulder pot protesters

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) - Trespassing charges have been dropped against three University of Colorado students who were arrested at a 4/20 marijuana protest last spring.

The Daily Camera newspaper reported Wednesday that the charges were dropped after the three volunteered for a campaign to legalize marijuana without a doctor's recommendation. The volunteer work counted as community service, and the trespassing charges were dropped.

The three students were arrested on April 20 after they sat on the Norlin Quad and refused to move in the hours before the unsanctioned 4/20 marijuana smoke-out. The university had shut down the quad in an effort to kill the annual smoke-out that in years past has drawn more than 10,000 people.

The students are 21-year-old John Demoupoulus, 25-year-old Jonathan Edwards and 24-year-old Gabriel Kuettel.


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