Jun 21, 2012 8:28 PM by Ophelia Young

Changes for Southeast Colorado Springs?

It's been the talk for years, but now a plan is beginning to sprout to develop Southeast Colorado Springs. The area reports lower property values and paid taxes than other neighborhoods. Changing this has recently climbed the mayor's list of priorities. In a council meeting this week, Mayor Bach emphasized the need to encourage businesses to move to the area, which the city believes is the "southern gateway" to Colorado Springs. No plans are in place yet but ideas have been brought to the table like more buses and narrower, slower roads. "Slow down a little bit and see what you're missing," said business owner Liz Rosenbaum. "There are plenty of brand new restaurants in this area that have started up and we could definitely use the support."
Economic development is not the city's only goal for Southeast Colorado Springs. They also want to improve the transit system and extend the county offices to that neighborhood.




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