May 8, 2014 8:02 PM by Matt Prichard

CEO gives Martin-Drake update

The Martin-Drake Power Plant fire earlier this week has brought up multiple questions, including where will crews go from here with the 90-year-old facility.

Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte saying they are addressing the damage from the fire, along with how to best serve the city with it's biggest plant offline.

Forte says they're working on a game plan, but until martin-Drake is back up and running, they'll be forced to find power outside of the city.

"We absolutely are going to need to purchase power off the grid, moving forward and it's too early to tell how that will affect the ECA portion of a customer's bill," said Colorado Springs Utilities CEO, Jerry Forte. 

Forte says the damage inside the plant though wasn't nearly as substancial as first thought, adding that he's hopeful this power outsourcing will only be temporary. 



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