May 20, 2010 7:08 PM by Andy Koen

Celebrating the Few and the Proud in Memorial Park

Something is noticeably missing to Edward Aubrey as he walks among the military monuments at Memorial Park.

"Lots of nice monuments," he said.  "But the Marine Corps is omitted."

Of all of the monuments in the park, there is no individual marker honoring just the Marine Corps. 

So, a couple of month back, Aubrey and his fellow veterans of the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Marine Corps League decided to act. 

They have commissioned the construction of a seven foot bronze and granite statue celebrating the corps and its members from the Pikes Peak Region.

"That we're not here is a sad omission that I hope we can correct," Aubrey said.

The Monument itself will consist of a three foot bronze statue of the Marine Corps emblem resting on top of a 4- foot, trapezoid-shaped base made of red granite.  Bronze plaques depicting various Marine Corps related scenes will adorn each side of the base.

"Because it's composed of all granite and bronze we think that it's basically indestructible," said Aubrey.

Although the monuments are placed in a city park, the city is only responsible for the grounds surrounding them.  The many veterans groups and military instillations are responsible for the cost of construction.

For Aubrey and the Marine's, that cost is $75,000 dollars.  Aubrey admits it will be challenging to raise such an amount given the relatively small Marine Corps presence in the community.

"We call ourselves the few, the proud, the Marines," Aubrey said.  "I think if we're overlooked it's because we're so few."

He figures as few as 200 active duty and veteran marines actually live in the community. Still, Aubrey expects to finish fundraising by late June and dedicate the monument on the Marine Corps Birthday in November.

The Marine Corps League is hosting a fundraising dinner this Saturday to help them reach their goal.

Donations can also be made directly to the Marine Corps Memorial Fund, care of Edward Aubrey, 710 Manitou Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.




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