Nov 1, 2012 9:14 PM by Bill Folsom

Caught on tape: Home surveillance a growing trend

Businesses have used video surveillance for years, now there is a growing trend of surveillance at private homes. "They're taking proactive steps," said Vic Sauget, General Manger of PalmVid.

Colorado Springs based PalmVid is a leading internet provider of video security systems. Managers say almost "daily" they get calls from customers who have caught a crime on tape and they want to find out how to make a copy for police.

More and more people are adding video surveillance to their homes. Affordability is probably the number one reason," said Sauget. Quality and convenience also make it relatively simple. "They can easily add and expand the capability of their home computer system," said Sauget. In many instances the quality is better then systems put in at businesses like banks years ago.



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