Apr 9, 2014 3:49 PM

Caught on cam: Car hits cop car

A Midwest City, Oklahoma police officer is lucky to be alive after a driver crashes into his patrol car at full speed. The officer's dashcam was rolling when the crash happened.

The accident happened along Air Depot, just south of Reno.

The officer's car was totaled; however, he managed to walk away unharmed.

The video shows Sergeant Brad Rummell walk up to a car he had pulled over. He tells the driver to wear their seatbelt. He then begins walking back to his patrol car. As he's walking he notices a driver headed straight for him. Police say the woman was on her cell phone.

Officials say that if the Sgt. Rummell hadn't turned his all the way to the left, he probably would have been pinned between the cars, possibly even killed.



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