Jul 11, 2012 7:35 PM by Ophelia Young

Cascade resident is both fire and mudslide victim

The Waldo Canyon fire burned one other home outside of the Mountain Shadows neighborhood. And now a mudslide has washed out that driveway. The Cascade homeowner says he saw this last Monday's Highway 24 mudslide turn from a stream of water at 2 p.m. to a massive, surging mudslide at 5p.m. He couldn't even get to his home to clean up the mess from the burn.
"People have one disaster-they lost a house," Anthony Pogorzelski said. "I have two disasters-I lost a road, and a house. It's amazing."
Pogorzelski feels unlucky that his cabin, property, and belongings were obliterated, but he has insurance, is already planning to rebuild and is optimistic even though he now has a long walk to his clean-up duty.


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