Apr 10, 2014 8:26 PM by Tony Spehar

Campaign planned to boost tourism along I-25 this summer

Efforts to boost tourism by getting drivers on I-25 to stop in Trinidad, Walsenburg, Pueblo and Colorado Springs received a boost on Thursday.

This summer the I-25 Economic Development Group, which includes civic and business leaders from all four areas, will launch a marketing campaign aimed at getting drivers to stop in Southern Colorado cities. At their meeting on Thursday it was announced that some 7-11 stores and a number of other gas station chains in the four cities involved will offer coupons and discounts to entice drivers to get off the highway.

"Hundreds of thousands of people just blow right past us, stop at Colorado Springs for a few minutes and then blow up to Denver and spend all their money," described group member Lou Mellini. "But now we have something that we can get them off the highway."

The group also plans a significant advertising campaign, including a website and a mobile app, to highlight which exits drivers need to take to get to attractions like the Pueblo Riverwalk or the Air Force Academy.

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