Apr 2, 2014 6:35 PM by Matt Prichard

Call before you dig

Traffic on South Tejon came to a stop this morning after a construction crew struck a gas line buried under the street.

Springs Utilities say the crew hit an abandoned line that wasn't marked, sending hazmat crews out to get the situation under control.

The line has been capped but as temperatures warm up more and more incidents like this will start happening, mostly in residential neighborhoods. 

"That's where we have the biggest challenge frankly, during the summer, is with our residential customers not calling for locates first because they think, well I'm just digging with a shovel. Even if you're just digging with a shovel have locates done," said Springs Utilities spokesman, Steve Berry.

Berry says no matter the tool you're using or how shallow you're digging, you need to call 811 and have the piping landscape mapped out beneath your home.



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