Dec 5, 2010 6:28 PM by Stephanie Collins, KUSA

Cake, cupcakes and now Cake Bubbles

The cupcake craze seems to be sweeping the nation, but now a Colorado woman has something new, Cake Bubbles.

They're much smaller, but just as delicious, and Pam Hackbarth says they're her invention. Her Cake Bubbles are similar to cake balls, which are making a scene among foodies this year. Hackbarth says shes taken cake balls one step further.

She's created a cake bite that's the cake, the filling and the frosting all together in one clean bite, "I worked for about two years coming up with the perfect recipe - so it tastes just perfect," explains Hackbarth.

She says her creations actually "pops" when you eat it, hence the name, Cake Bubble. For more on Cake Bubbles, and to order some of your own, click here.


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