Aug 12, 2014 8:38 PM by Lena Howland

Businesses frustrated with judicial building parking

Some new problems are popping up with the new judicial building in Pueblo.

Surrounding business owners tell News 5 there isn't enough parking at the building and people are now parking in their lots.

"I was assured by engineers, by architects, by the county, that there was plenty of parking," Lee Gladney, General Manager of Pueblo Bearing Service said.

The final numbers are in... there are only 160 paved spots in front of the building.

That's supposed to be enough for all 187 employees plus 16 courtrooms-worth of people every day.

"Out of the 340, I believe they were supposed to have, they have roughly 160-170," Gladney said.

"We went through the city process and worked exclusively with city planning staff to get the parking numbers correct," Sean Tapia, Pueblo County Facilities Director said.

The Pueblo Zoning and Planning Commision approved this plan because there's room for more than 200 cars to park on the street within a four-block radius.

"Within that four blocks, my three properties, along with Gray's Coors Tavern and surrounding businesses have been impacted significantly to the point where we've had to put up 'No Parking' signs," Gladney said.

Those signs, costing him upwards of $5000 and so far, many folks have ignored them.

He's already had to tow 20 cars in one week.

"They say they're only gonna be here 15 minutes, 20 minutes. Well if you multiply that times however many people go to that building, my lot will be full all day long and not with my customers," he said.

County officials say the parking is much better at the new building compared to the old one.

"At the old location, the sites were all private around us. Now, we actually have parking on site," Tapia said.

But nearby business owners say it's not nearly enough.

"They don't have the required parking space that they said they were going to have and that regional building requires a building to have. It's just really sad that they didn't have to play by the same rules that the small business community does," Gladney said.

City traffic engineers tell News 5 they've recieved multiple requests to add parking time limits on streets next door to these businesses. They say, those requests are "in the works."


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