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Jan 31, 2011 6:58 PM by Stefanie Boe

Businesses: check your sprinklers

Business owners: have you checked your sprinkler systems lately? The Colorado Springs Fire Department's Division of the Fire Marshal is encouraging businesses to check things out as we head into one of the coldest morning's we've seen in years.

Just like pipes at home, fire sprinklers can freeze and break when there's not enough heat or insulation.

Here's what to do:

• Check fire protection systems more frequently during cold weather.

• Do not attempt do-it-yourself repairs on fire safety equipment. Obtain the services of trained and licensed service personnel.

• Do not use torches or other open flame devices to thaw pipes or other equipment.

• Do not use temporary heating equipment and other un-vented portable fuel-burning heaters as these heaters cause fire and health hazards.

• During the annual servicing of the sprinkler system by your licensed contractor, have them demonstrate the operation of all valves. Have appropriate personnel rehearse closing the valves so they can shut down the system in the event of a burst pipe.

If a pipe does burst, the water supply should be quickly shut down.

If you must shut down a system due to a pipe break, please notify the CSFD. In the event of a pipe break or if water begins to flow in a commercial system, a signal will be sent to the alarm company that monitors the system and will notify the Colorado Springs Fire Department who will respond.

For a sprinkler system in single-family dwellings, homeowners should contact their sprinkler contractor for assistance.






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