Dec 26, 2013 5:46 PM by Matt Prichard

Buried in the snow

A new video is circling the social media world, showing two brothers trapped in an avalanche. And although they're both okay, many are now asking what would they do in that spot.

"If you get caught in a slide the best thing to do is ditch your gear. Skis, poles, backpack, everything should get tossed away so you're as light as possible," said Mountain Chalet employee, Jessica Meirit. 

But avoiding an avalanche altogether is the main goal and that starts with preventative steps. Like buying beacons, shovels, and most importantly being aware of your surroundings.

"Angle is probably the easiest thing. So the angle of the slope, roughly about 30 degrees, is when you start to get into an angle where it could potentially slide," said Meirit. 

The fact is though that anytime you stand on a snowy slope, it could give way. So the best advice is to sit tight and conserve your energy.

"Try to stay calm and wait patiently for a rescue. Breathe normally, don't panic, and just stay calm and wait," said Meirit. 

Experts say that it comes down to common sense, and being aware of the mountains you're climbing during the winter and spring.


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