May 1, 2014 6:51 PM by News 5

Burglars jeopardize trip for special needs teen

COLORADO SPRINGS - When burglars broke in to a Colorado Springs family's home Wednesday, they took more than just valuables. They also put in jeopardy the family's ability to send their special needs daughter to summer camp.

Rebecca Freeland has organized a garage sale every year to raise money to help send her 14-year-old daughter Taylor to Rocky Mountain Village, a camp in Empire, Colorado run by the Easter Seals.

Freeland says many friends and coworker gave her cash instead of garage sale items. It amounted to $300 and crooks took all of it, along with her jewelry, TV, computer and her son's video game system.

The garage sale items were untouched and Freeland says she'll still hold the event as scheduled.

"This is just the one camp that she can go to every summer and so I have to raise money for it," Freeland said.

Taylor is deaf and has autism spectrum disorder. Freeland says the specialized training and care provided at Rocky Mountain Village make the only place Taylor can go to just have fun and be a kid.

"She has so many needs and they just make it a great time for her," she said.

News 5 contacted Easter Seals and learned that because of the sudden hardship, the Freeland family may qualify for a scholarship, or "campership" as they like to call them.



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