Dec 12, 2013 5:43 PM by Matt Prichard

Budget sliced for CVB

The Colorado Springs Convention & Visitor's Bureau just saw its budget sliced in half by the city council.

"They're withholding 1.3 million dollars, which is half of our budget that we receive from the lodging and auto and rentals tax. Until they see, more information on our performance," said CVB President, Doug Price.

The CVB has been in business since 1980 and has always held a 1-year contract with the city. And up until recently they had never had an issue before.

"We do run a good operation here, and we hope that city council will recognize the CVB is a good steward of funds and that we report to our board, and they keep us very accountable," said Price.

It's not just the CVB that's losing money though. Springs Police are seeing $500,000 dollars moved into the parks budget and taxpayers seem just as divided on the budget issues.

"Not discounting the value of police, fire and everything else. But I favor the idea of putting some funds toward parks," said Colorado Springs resident, John Modell.

"It brings people into the city, generates money and that sort of thing so that's really important," said Colorado Springs resident, Tommy Latimer. 

Despite the differences of opinion, some think compromise may be the best solution.

"I admire our mayor, I think together the two parties should be able to make the right decision for Colorado Springs and the future of the city in mind," said Modell.

The budget is not finalized at this time, and we will be following this story for more updates in the coming weeks at 



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