Jan 26, 2014 6:52 PM by Matt Prichard

Broncos takeoff for Super Bowl

With Bags packed and helmets checked the Denver Broncos boarded their charter plane this morning for the Big Apple. And the crew that's been with them since the beginning is just as excited.

"It's been a great team to work with, haven't had any trouble with anybody. You know I just couldn't ask for a better team to work for," said Airport Operations Supervisor, Jason Frank.

"We really have gotten to know them and that's why we take it so personal. We feel, and they make us feel like we're part of the team," said Charter Coordinator for the Denver Broncos, Stephanie Desantis.

Elway, Manning and Welker could all be soon climbing on board. But for an organization that is making its seventh Super Bowl appearance, the question is does it ever get old?

"They're all different, they all take on a life of their own. It's a lot like having siblings in the family and asking mom and dad to rate them. And that's how it is with the Super Bowl. It's so fantastic that no matter what, you love them all," said Denver Broncos official, Jim Saccomono. 

The stage is set with legacies to be defined and a team to be crowned, all that's left is to play the game. 



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