Jan 17, 2014 9:28 AM by KOAA

Broncos Game Impact on Local Businesses

Friday is finally here, and many of you are probably gearing up for the big Broncos game this weekend against the New England Patriots. 

But this big game isnt just good news for fans, it also means big money for local businesses. 

Boriello Brothers New York Pizza in Colorado Springs says they bring in quite a bit more revenue when the Broncos advance this far. They start preparing days in advance, buying more ingredience and making sure they have the staff for the large amounts of orders they have coming in. 

I'd say we're probably going to have about a 20% increase in our business on one of those days as we would on a regular Sunday." says General Manager Ryan Lomax. 

And of course more money coming in to support those local businesses, means more support for our local economy. The pizza shop says they're optomistic about the Broncos winning streak, not only because they want to see their team win, but because if they go to the Super Bowl, it means more business and more money for them. 


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