Jan 12, 2014 10:11 PM by Tony Spehar

Broncos and local businesses win in playoffs

The Broncos beating the San Diego Chargers to advance in the playoffs is also a win for local businesses that cater to sports fans as their profits rise with every playoff game.

On Sunday, from before the game to after the final play, the crew at the Borriello Brothers Pizza restaurant on 8th Street made pizza after pizza.

"My forearm has doubled in size, so I want to say maybe about 60 or 70 pizzas just myself, not counting the rest of the crew," described Magic Saleh, one of the store's managers.

It's safe to say they sold hundreds of pizzas from that store alone on Sunday. Saleh said Broncos games usually draw a lot of business, but playoff games are something special.

"The playoffs just make it just beautiful," he explained. "Especially during the end of the games, we just start getting phone call after phone call, we usually don't have call centers running but on days like this, constant, constant."

Local bars saw big crowds of customers as well. At Southside Johnny's hardly a table with a view of the TV could be found around 3 p.m. Manager Travis Bernard had to keep his focus, a challenge while wearing a Patriot's jersey and hat in a bar full of Broncos fans.

"Yeah, it's a good thing that they weren't playing this week because I would've been the goat and nobody would've wanted to talk to me," Bernard said jokingly. "We just actually started to calm down, about a half-hour ago we really got it popping and it was a little hectic."

Like Borriello Brothers, Bernard said Southside Johnny's usually sees a good crowd during regular season Broncos games. But, he said playoff games are on a different level.

"Probably about 20-percent busier in the playoffs, because you never know when the last game's going to be so everybody wants to get their fill," he explained.

With business only getting better the further the Broncos get in the playoffs, even a fan of the Patriots has hopes for the Broncos.

"You've got to go with the home team, especially when you're making your living off it," Bernard said.



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