Oct 29, 2010 11:17 PM by Matt Stafford

Bradley Road fire takes several crews and several hours

Crews have put in hours of work, trying to get control of a fire that started at a south Colorado Springs trash transfer station -- a place used to move trash and recyclables.

"The fire is contained within that building, Lt. Carl Miller told News First 5 around 5 p.m. Friday. "It's an open building, with a lot of recyclables and just trash."

Only three employees were there when the fire started, and everyone is okay. As for the building, that's another story. Crews are just trying to keep the fire from spreading.

"This is totally defensive, so we're setting up large water from the exterior and lobbing water into this open structure to try and put this fire out," says Lt. Miller.

Getting the water there is an issue itself; crews are running what they say is about a mile of hose.

"We're having to bring water from quite a distance to get put on this fire, so we're being hampered with that."

Once it gets there, for this fire, they need a lot of it.

"That fire gets deep-seated and so getting water penetrating down into those piles is a problem," explains Lt. Miller.

Crews still aren't sure what started this fire, but have spent hours soaking the building and watching for hot spots. They say they plan on being on the scene for a long time.



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