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Oct 9, 2009 3:30 PM by Bea Karnes

Bone Density Scan reveals precursor to Osteoporosis

Osteopenia is a silent disease until you develop a fracture. It's the precursor to osteoporosis but it can be prevented with healthy habits.

A Louisiana woman, Mari Wilson, was recently diagnosed with the condition. She's an active, 40ish woman, "I thought at my age that I wouldn't really have any problems, but it did turn out that I had already started to lose a little bit of density."

A bone density scan revealed Mari's condition. Dr. Richard Martinez, radiologist said, "Osteopenia is a condition with a transition period between regular bone density and osteoporosis when there's a loss of bone density below what would be normal - but not yet reaching what we would call osteoporosis."

Women are at a greater risk than men to develop this progressive disease.

Risk factors include:
*Family history
*Dietary disorder
*Inactive lifestyle

Bone Density Scans are key in diagnosing the disorder, "We analyze each level to look at the density of the bone at each level," said Dr. Martinez.

The good news is that with some lifestyle changes, you can actually reverse and halt the loss of bone density. These include dietary supplements with calcium and vitamin D, weight bearing exercise, limiting alcohol intake, and absolutely no smoking.

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