Nov 28, 2013 9:58 PM by Tony Spehar

'Black Friday' comes on Thanksgiving Thursday

Black Friday came on Thanksgiving Thursday this year, drawing criticism from some but shoppers in Colorado Springs weren't deterred from seeking deals as the holiday shopping season kicked off.

The new Bass Pro Shops store in Colorado Springs was open all day on Thursday. Giving people and excuse to burn a few calories after devouring turkey and stuffing.

"Not only burn off lunch, but beat some of the crowds because tomorrow's just going to be terrible," explained shopper Clark Winslow.

The rush of shopper came just as dinner wrapped up.

"Starting to see the busy parts from about 2 to 5 when everybody gets done with their holiday eating and what not," described Bass Pro Shops Merchandise Manager Matt Dill.

But, not everyone was taking a post-meal shopping trip. For some, shopping has become the new holiday tradition.

"I am so done, I used to cook for 25 people every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and that was a different season of my life," said Barbara Jarrett while shopping with her husband Don. "So now we can go out and do different things."

Later Thursday evening came the familiar sights of post-Thanksgiving shopping, many major stores opened their doors between 6 and 8 p.m. The line outside the Best Buy on Academy Boulevard stretched around and to the back of the building just before opening. It was a long wait in low temperatures. Many said it was worth the wait and intrusion on Thanksgiving to get a deal on high-dollar items.

However, not everyone was happy to be spending Thanksgiving evening waiting in the cold for what would once be considered Black Friday deals.

"I don't like it, I see 40-people having to work tonight in this one store," described Scott Smith while waiting outside of the store. "My wife told me to be here, that's the only reason I'm here, this is not a need it's a want and I want to continue eating so I better do what my wife asks me to do."


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