Oct 8, 2010 12:18 AM by Matt Stafford

Bicycle thief caught on camera

Colorado Springs Police have been following a crime trend picking up through the summer.

"A lot of high dollar bikes we're taken," explains Lt. Pat Rigdon, C.S.P.D. At the scenes of burglaries, they keep running into similar circumstances.

"It seemed like people knew what they were looking for."

Early Tuesday, a burglary was caught on tape at Carmichael Training Systems in Colorado Springs. Three high-quality bikes were taken. Employees believe it could be someone who's part of the local cycling community.

"Their knowledge level of bicycles, what they're stealing," says Jim Rutberg, a coach for Carmichael Training Systems, is why he thinks it's someone familiar with the local cycling community. But, Rutberg says this problem stretches far beyond their break-in at Carmichael.

"Most of the bike shops in the Springs have been hit at least once this year," and this center, according to Rutberg, was one of the unlucky ones. "We were hit earlier in the year."

So this latest incident has them trying things differently; aside from beefing up security, they've put the videos on their website, and are talking about it on social networks -- looking for strength in numbers.

"There are fewer police than members of our community," says Rutberg, explaining their philosophy for speaking out. They hope someone recognizes the thief.

From the Police prospective, some extra (and well-trained) eyes can't hurt.

"They know what to look for as far as what's stolen," explains Lt. Rigdon. "That could certainly help us."

They'll take all the help they can get.

For Rutberg, it's not as much about getting the property back as it is giving peace of mind back to local businesses.

If you have any information on this crime or others, please call Springs Police (444-7000). They recommend keeping close tabs on all serial numbers for any item that could be the target of a theft - like bicycles. They say it makes them easier to recover.

To see the listing put on Carmichael Training System's website, click here.


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