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Aug 27, 2012 10:25 AM by Marissa Torres

Best drinks to help you stay hydrated

   What do you use to hydrate your body when you exercise?


  Water, sports drink and energy drinks were put to the test. 3 men were asked to run for an hour. The goal was to see who could run the farthest fastest while drinking one of these three beverages.
   In the end, two of the men said they felt the best with either water or Gatorade.
   The man drinking the energy drink said he had a tough time finishing the run and the carbonation didn't sit well. Overall results didn't surprise dietitian Kate Patton.

    "If you're exercising longer than an hour, than drinking a sports drink is necessary in order to fuel yourself with some energy as well as replace the electrolytes that you're losing through sweat."

   The same applies to shorter intense exercise, otherwise, Patton says to stick to water.




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