Nov 2, 2009 7:05 AM by Matt Stafford

Beginning a mild November

Snow last week, then a few days later, this warm sunshine. That's Colorado for you.

"November can be hit or miss, says Matt Aschbrenner, who was just about to hit the links on Sunday. "It can be really cold or really nice"

If the rest of the month is anything like day one, there should be plenty of clear skies and warm sunshine.

The National Weather Service and News First 5's First Alert Forecast Team say this November should be mild for Colorado.

That's good news for people hitting the golf course.

"Days like this (you should) take advantage of. I'm going to be missing the Broncos game but I can see the highlights. I'd rather be golfing," says Aschbrenner.

On a nice day like Sunday, it's not always about fun, nice weather helps with the chores.

"It makes all the difference in the world," says Lucas Malloy as he rakes leaves. "It's a lot better than doing it on a wet, soggy, cold day."

Malloy was even working outside in short sleeves.

"Not that often in November," says Malloy. "I figured I'd take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather today."

Many others took the same cue, but for some, warm weather is nice, but the cold is too.

"I like how it often is which is a combination, a snow storm for a couple of days and a couple days later it's sixty degrees," explains Adrienne Cragnotti, as she pauses in the middle of a Sunday bicycle ride.

However, The possibility of a few warmer days is still a plus for many.

"That's pretty good, I'm pretty happy about that," says Cragnotti.

Whether or not the mild November comes this year, a beautiful weekend never hurts.

News First 5's First Alert Team says their information shows warmer than average temperatures throughout November. However, even though we may see some milder temperatures, they say precipitation should stay around normal.



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