Jul 22, 2010 9:39 AM by James Jarman

Bed bugs biting more in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Code Enforcement Officers say bed bug infestations are on the rise in the City. In the past month they've received 45 complaints, that's a higher rate than they can remember.

"It continues to get worse," said Ken Lewis, Colorado Springs Code Enforcement, "it's progressed over the last few years."

A Peterson Air Force Base employee filed the most recent case on Wednesday afternoon. She asked us not to reveal her name, but she did tell us about the complain she filed. She says she has 80 bed bug and flea bites all over her body, and claims she got them at the Staybridge Suites on Colorado Springs northside. She also showed NF5 a doctors note that states they are "insect bites."

She says she told the management about the problem, the manager had maintenance crews spray the room for bugs, but the air base employee says the bites kept happening, so she complained again.

"(The manager) told me to bring a bug, catch a bug and bring it to her because they don't have bugs in their establishment," the air base employee told us.

The Staybridge suites manager says they don't have a bug problem, but would not talk on camera with NF5. She did threaten to sue News First 5 for publishing the name of Staybridge without having the hotel's side of the story.

--------------------------Staybridge Manager's response--------------------

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about the complaint about fleas in this hotel. We do not give you permission to use our hotel name in your story. Using our name would result in a loss of revenue and guests. if our name is used we will be forced to file a defimation of charactor suit, since you do not have the full story.

As I stated earlier we had no complaints before the lady complaining checked in the hotel and have had none since she checked out.

We have been in business for a long time in Colorado Springs and go by the adage the guest is always right. When the lady complained, my maintenance men went to the room and checked for fleas or anything, nothing was found, but we sprayed the room anyway. She complained again and we went to check the room again and sprayed again. Every time she complained we offered to move her to another room. Finally she agreed to move to another room. She was in the room one day before she started complaining about bug bites again. We went to the room to search for evidence of any bugs, none was found , but we sprayed the room for her. Then she complained again and we sprayed again.

She stated she went to a Dr but would not show me any thing from him. She would not show me the bites or the medication she said the doctor gave her. I believe we should have been shown some proof since we took her complaint seriously and sprayed for fleas twice in both of the rooms she was in.

she finally moved out of our hotel and we have had no complaints about either room since. We refunded her the money she prepaid for her stay.

Mary Krueger
General Manager
Staybridge Suites -AFA 7130
Commerce Center Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 809190
719-799-4001 direct
719-590-7860 fax


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