Jul 20, 2011 7:27 PM by Stephanie Collins

Bears on the hunt for food

Our dry weather has been hard on bears, the Colorado Division of Parks & Wildlife says the grasses and plants they usually eat this time of year, aren't growing as well as they usually do.

Now they're on the hunt for other food. Overnight a bear broke into a pen and attacked a Llama. It happened at a home off Highway 115 in El Paso County. The homeowner and a neighbor tried to chase the bear away, but it continued to attack the Llama, so they had to shoot it.

The Division of Parks & Wildlife has a two strike policy with bears, but if they attack you or your property, they say you can take action, "You can't just shoot a bear because it's on your property, you can't just shoot a bear because it got into your trash cans, but if there is a clear and evident threat to personal safety or to your livestock, you are justified in killing the bear," explains Michael Seraphin with DOW.

To avoid creating problem bears:

-Keep your trash secure

-For livestock owners, store feed where it's out of reach for bears

-Don't intentionally feed bears, you will be ticketed and fined


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