Aug 14, 2013 6:01 PM by Elaine Sheridan

Bear euthanized after returning to Colorado Springs

A black bear was euthanized after it returned to Colorado Springs after being relocated.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW)says the bear was moved more than 150 miles south of Colorado Springs last April but came back. She was found Tuesday on E. Pikes Peak.

Randy Hampton with CPW said that residents leaving garbage out had habituated the bear to the point that it left very good bear habitat in Las Animas and returned to Colorado Springs in a place where she unfortunately threatened public safety.

"The bears are not starving and hungry, they are habituated to easy food sources that are highly caloric," said Hampton. "When people leave trash out the bears will choose leftover pizza over full berry bushes because the calorie content is high. Unfortunately, bears in town leads to situations where people are unsafe and we have an obligation to protect public safety. If people want to make a difference for bears, they need to push for local ordinance that require bear proof containers," Hampton added.

CPW urging residents to store their trash securely, especially if you put your trash out before 6am.



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