Jan 10, 2011 1:43 AM by Dr. Anya Winslow

At CES: Universal 3D TV Glasses

Are you mad that you are tied to buying your 3D glasses from the same company that sold you your 3D TV, or that the glasses they offer may or may not give you the best 3D TV watching experience?

Well, Bit Cauldron, a Tampa, Florida-based company, put the power of choice back into the hands of 3D TV owners.

Our company offers "one pair of glasses that work with any 3D TV," said CEO Bit Cauldron, James Mentz.

At the 2011 Las Vegas CES, the company showcased its one-of-a-kind radio frequency (RF) 3D shutter glasses technology. Monster Vision Max 3D glasses, which incorporate the RF technology, even won an International CES Best of Innovations Award in the Home Theater Accessories category.

The majority of 3D glasses currently on the market rely on infrared light (IR). Mentz explained, "IR glasses work great if all the shades are down, but interference from sunlight, fluorescent light, light from the TV or remote control can make everything flicker. It affects the content and you're not experiencing [3D] TV."

Representatives from the company say that its glasses will work under any lighting conditions, at short or far distances, will eliminate the "flicker" seen in the picture associated with other glasses, and will run for about 60 hours per charge.

These glasses can be purchased at under the Monster Vision Max 3D name for approximately $150 and the entire starter kit, which includes a pair of glasses and the RF emitter that attaches to your 3D TV via USB along with a receiver, costs about $250. Many other stores, such as Best Buy Online, Ultimate Electronics, and PC Richards & Son, will begin selling the glasses starting on January 30, 2011.

For more information about Bit Cauldron and its products click here.



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