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Jan 12, 2010 11:32 AM by Jeff Chirico, NBC

At 90, Pennsylvania mechanic still has plenty of drive

Most workers look forward to a long and happy retirement. Doing what they love to do.

But what if your work is what you love to do?

Then you'd never stop.

Miller Stella was born in 1920. And even on his 90th birthday, the Pennsylvania man labors on a customer's car in his garage.

"I love to work on cars. It's something I like. And and I stuck with it."

Miller started working in the coal mines at 16. He joined the army during the second world war, where he met his late wife, Mary.

After World War II, Miller says he monkeyed around at a few different garages in Wilkes-Barre until he opened one back in 1950.

It's called Stella's. And although the cars that come through here have changed drastically over the past 60 years, Miller's work ethic hasn't.

"I never miss. I come out many times feeling sick and I come out here and I still work. By the time I'm through working my sickness is gone."

Miller contributes his longevity to God. His friend Bob Marcincavage says it's obvious in the way Miller treats his customers.

"He has other people that come by here, they don't have $10 - $20 and he takes it. The man has a heart of gold. There's a crown waiting for him in heaven," says Marcincavage.

And Miller says it will take just that, a trip to heaven, for him to finally put the brakes on his business.

"They ask me why I'm not retired. What's the answer? I'm not tired."

Perhaps a good sign that this nonagenarian has plenty more miles to drive.



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