Oct 31, 2010 7:19 PM by Matt Stafford

Army wife's frustration catches on in a big way

A Fort Carson wife is attracting a lot of attention for allowing people inside her world. Megan Woodall was frustrated with some military services and decided to blog about it.

"Apparently people also felt my frustration that day, and it took off," Woodall, a mother of five and wife of a Fort Carson soldier, says. "I woke up one morning and my inbox had 20,000 emails in it."

Her blog was called "Army Wife on Strike", and that's what she said she was doing. However, an Army wife and mom isn't really a job you can strike from, so now her project is called "Operation: Support the Family." Woodall is wearing a ribbon, letting others know she's unhappy with the way the Army handles their families.

Those ribbons are becoming popular; in one week they've mailed out 2,800.

"We've got probably 3,500 more to make this week," Woodall explains. "I'm not quite sure how that's going to pan out, but we're going to do it."

Now she has an army -- of Army wives -- answering emails, blogging, and sending out ribbons. Some of them were blogging before she was, but now they're working together.

Considering this was originally called a "strike," News First 5 asked Woodall what statement someone wearing one of her ribbons is making.

"They're saying, 'I'm an Army wife and I want changes. Ask me; ask me what needs to be changed.'"

So the ribbon might mean something to one person, but mean something completely different to someone else, depending on the changes they would like to see.

"It very well could," explains Woodall. "It may mean something completely different, but it's a way to bring women together."

Bringing together close to 600,000 people online; and when they're trying to make a difference, a little help doesn't hurt.

"Changes come in numbers and that's what our goal is."

The ribbons are free, and are now being sent to posts everywhere.  Woodall and the other wives are covering the costs out of their own pocket, but she says the ribbons don't cost much to make. She says ribbons made at home are welcome too.

She also adds the project isn't about money. For now, there's no non-profit and they don't take donations

They didn't originally plan on so much interest, but now that they have it, will they use it?

"Oh yeah, we're going to be loud and proud," Woodall says.

Only time will tell just how much change that means.

They may branch out if the surge of interest continues. Woodall says that she and some of the other Army wives have been offered a book deal, to write about experiences and frustrations that military families are having. She declined to give details on the agreement, saying she wants to keep them private for now.

If you would like to visit Woodall's blog, click here.


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