Feb 24, 2014 8:30 PM by Greg Dingrando

Army recruiters not worried about possible cuts

COLORADO SPRINGS - Massive cuts could be on the way for the U.S. Military, particularly the army.

Defense secretary Chuck Hagel wants a smaller U.S. fighting force, announcing a proposal to scale back the army by about 80-thousand soldiers, bringing it to the lowest staff level since before WWII.

You might think news of a massive cut would make military recruitment a little difficult, but local recruiters said that's not the case, at least not yet.

To say Colorado Springs has a large military presence would be an understatement, and because of that, recruitment is normally not an issue. Recruiters said even with the news of possible cuts they're still busy.

"We're still hiring and there's still plenty of opportunities for those folks that are morally, physically, and mentally qualified," said Major Herbert Flather.

But he's a recruiter. That's his job.

What about the future recruits that stand to be cut?

"I was nervous about it but i still decided to come in and try out my luck and I've made it in so far," said Colorado Springs native Robert Jackson.

Jackson wants to be a dentist and he said joining the army would help him not only pay for school, but could give him the edge he needs, no matter how long he's in.

"Any military service is still very excellent on resumes," said Jackson.

But critics of the massive cuts said resumes, and education are the least of their concerns. They're worried about what the reduction will mean on the battle field.

Jackson said he's not too worried about it. He said quality is better than quantity.

"I'd rather go out with a team of 6 guys who have been trained and who are aware of what is going on than go out and have half trained people," said Jackson.

But he's is just one man. Whether the majority of future recruits stick it out like him or just start to look for jobs elsewhere is yet to be seen.

One other part of this that's yet to be seen is where those cuts will actually come from. Many fear its going to have a major impact on Colorado Springs.

We spoke with Representative Doug Lamborn and he said he plans to do whatever it takes to keep this proposal from going through.



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