Sep 6, 2012 5:54 PM by Andy Koen

Are you sure you want them to have 3 terms?

Do you really, really want people elected to office in El Paso County to serve up to three terms? That's a question voters will have to answer, again, this November.

On a 3-2 vote Thursday morning, El Paso County Commissioners approved a ballot measure asking voters to reauthorize the term limit extension that passed in 2010. Following that election, some voters raised concerns that the ballot language was confusing.

At the time, Commissioner Darryl Glenn said he would request the issue be put back on the ballot with more clear language. He says, this is following up on a campaign promise.

"Before I took office, I made a committment to my constituents that I would in my first meeting ask to have a re-vote, a clarification to the question on the term limits," Glenn said.

If the measure passes, it would prevent any future county officers from running for three terms. However, it would not apply to commissioners Sallie Clark and Dennis Hisey who are running for re-election under the expanded term limits.

However, Glenn and Commissioner Peggy Littleton both voted against new ballot issue saying the language is still too confusing.


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