Apr 15, 2014 6:18 PM by Matt Prichard

Apartment Fires picking up in the Springs

The fire last night at the Shannon Glen Apartment Complex in Colorado Springs is the latest example of folks being burned out of their homes.

"You know it's like a cycle, and it's common and unpredictable. A lot of the fires aren't connected at all, and we just get rashes of fires occasionally, and no way to predict that at all," said Colorado Springs Fire Deputy Fire Marshal, Barry Madison.

For residents at the Devonshire Apartments though that's not overly comforting, after their complex burst into flames just one month ago.

"They need to take care of us too. We're people here, we pay taxes, just because we don't make as much, doesn't mean that you can put us down here," said Devonshire Apartment resident, Akeem Johnson.

Their frustration stems from an aging building filled with asbestos. But in fairness, Springs Fire inspectors say that Devonshire was up to code based on when it was built. Meaning they can't do much at all about these older developments.

"We just assume that all these buildings, we built a lot of buildings in this town around the 1970's. Lot of those had asbestos, and we assume the worst case scenario while we're there," said Madison.

According to Springs Fire the best policy for those living in older buildings is to know what's inside your walls, and have a fire preparation kit ready to go for these kind of circumstances.



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