Jan 11, 2010 7:18 PM by John Romero

An inside look at homeless "Tent City"

Troy is one of literally hundreds of homeless who live along banks of Fountain Creek.  Sub zero temperatures make every day along the creek bed a living hell. "We're trying to eat, keep warm and survive until the next day," he says.

Troy tells us every penny he gets is spent on supplies like a propane tank and a burner.  He does whatever it takes to stay warm and feels incredibly lucky.  "There are a lot of people out here who are not as fortunate as I am.  I'm fortunate.  I got a propane tank and a burner.  A lot of these people out here don't have that," he says.

A proposed city ordinance aims to ban anyone from setting up camp on city property.  "They're going to screw me. That's what I think," explains Troy.  "If they pass that law I'm not going to be able to survive here.  They're going to take what little here I got and take it away."

He says he knows many normal citizens aren't fond of the tent cities but many of those down there don't have a choice.  "Are we so bad that you can't take it?  You can't stand to look at us?" he pleads.

Without an ID, Troy says that could leave him without a place to go.  "If you aint got an ID, guess what?  You're f**ked," he says.  And despite all of this, he still proudly flies our country's flag near his snow covered tent.  "I fly this flag no matter what," he says.  "As long as this flies, you'll be alright. At least I hope so."

As night falls, Troy will do all he can to stay warm.  It's all he knows.  His struggle is only one of hundreds that play out every night along the creek beds of Colorado Springs.



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