Feb 6, 2010 8:43 AM by Matt Stafford

Alcohol study surprising to locals

Walking downtown on a Friday night, you might think there are plenty of cities that are more "dangerously drunk" than Colorado Springs. However, in a recent study, there are only two in the country, and one of them is Denver.

Men's Health Magazine has their own rankings, and they have their own variables for them. They measured each of the 100 cities they looked at by alcohol related liver disease deaths and binge drinking statistics from the Center for Disease Control, D.U.I. charges coming from the F.B.I., fatal car accident numbers from the Department of Transportation and information from MADD on the laws passed geared toward cutting down on excessive drinking in the community.

Some people on the ground in Colorado Springs have a different idea about the area's alcohol culture.

"That really does surprise me, but maybe the altitude has something to do with it, says Gerard Martinez.

The study has Colorado Springs ranking as a more "dangerously drunk" city than New York City or Miami.

"I would assume in New York, in a bigger city, there would be more drunks than there are out here just number-wise," says Brian Winkel.

Garry Russell adds, "I would find Colorado Springs a little more conservative."

Most people we talked to were surprised to say the least. For some, they think there may even be some conflicting information.

"You always hear how like Colorado Springs is such a healthy city and Colorado is such a healthy place," says Dexter Hollingsworth.

"I thought we were number one in the country as far as health wise too," adds Martinez. "Drinking and health don't really go together."

For some, the study adds perspective.

"We need to be more aware of what's going on around us," explains Phyllis Winkel.

The numbers may or may not surprise you, but this is only one study and it is what you make of it.

To find out more on Men's Health's look at the nations most dangerously drunk cities, click here.


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