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Albert Vein Institute

James D. Albert, M.D. is the founder and medical director of the Albert Vein Institute, the only outpatient center in Colorado with state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for all aspects of venous disease. Specialized treatment is offered for both medical and cosmetic vein issues, including varicose and spider veins. Dr. Albert is the only physician in southern Colorado,
and one of only 250 diplomats nationwide, who is board certified in Phlebology, the study of veins and their issues. Dr. Albert is also board certified in Thoracic Surgery, having spent 14 years as a Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon and as the Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Memorial Hospital from 1998,2005. This gives him the distinction of being the only comparably double board-certified physician in Colorado. Dr. Albert received his medical degree from
the University of Pennsylvania and trained in general surgery at Cornell University and cardiovascular surgery at the University of Colorado. The Albert Vein Institute was established in 2006 as the field of phlebology was, and still is, experiencing significant field-changing advancements. As the only southern Colorado physician who has chosen to devote his practice to the quickly evolving knowledge, techniques and equipment of phlebology, Dr. Albert is able to track and utilize state-of-the-art treatments and procedures on a day-to-day basis. As an example, the Albert Vein Institute is the onlypractice in southern Colorado that employs the innovative transcranial Doppler (TCD), which uses sound waves to measure blood flow through the brain. The TCD is important because it lets Dr. Albert determine the type of sclerotherapy,treatment for problem veins,that is the safest and most effective for each patient. The Albert Vein Institute also offers such advanced techniques and equipment as the CoolTouch CTEV™1320 laser, which gently closes and eliminates varicose veins with little or no pain, a quick recovery and no stitches, scarring or bruising. Currently, more than 2,000 patients, some from as far away as Arizona, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, and the Denver Metro area, have been helped to look and feel better at the Albert Vein Institute. The office also touts an experienced and accomplished professional staff. The office is located at 8540 Scarborough
Drive, #300, Colorado Springs. More information is available by calling (719) 550-8346 (VEIN)
or at

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