Jun 12, 2014 11:21 PM by Matt Prichard

Adam's move boosts business

Adam's Mountain Cafe breaking in their new digs, a move that's quickly become a major plus for the popular eatery.

"The original intention was to move out of the flood zone and that was our focus, but since then, we're really starting to see the potential down here and see how great this east end could really be," said Adam's Mountain Cafe Owner, Farley McDonough.

Adam's isn't the only one benefiting though, competitors in Downtown Manitou Springs are finally seeing their customer base freed up and more traffic coming through the door.

"I believe Adams had more people, and Adams has been here forever where as I've only been here 18-years. But since Adams left I'd probably say I've had a little bit better business in here," said European Cafe Owner, Bozena Jakubczyk.

But Adams may not be entirely to blame here, too many restaurants and not enough clientel downtown are contributing to the overall struggle.

Regardless it looks like a welcome change for everyone, but McDonough says she hopes their departure wasn't celebrated too much.

"I would hope they would miss us!" She says laughing, "But maybe not."

McDonough says they're truly excited to be setting up shop on the east-side and hope everyone will come by to take a look at their new building.



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