Apr 7, 2013 5:30 PM by AP Posted by Tony Spehar

5 Things To Know in the Colorado Legislature

DENVER (AP) - Your weekly look at what's coming up at the Colorado Legislature:


The next fight in the Colorado Legislature is expected to be sweeping changes to how elections are run in the state. Democrats control both chambers, and some of the proposals that have been talked about are same-day voter registration - an idea widely opposed by Republicans. Other possibilities include changing the state classification of "inactive voters." Expect Republicans to criticize the changes as benefiting Democrats in elections.


The state's $20.5 billion budget has cleared the House and the Senate, and now lawmakers must rectify differences. Changes that lawmakers must agree on include earmarking $2.8 million for victims of the Lower North Fort Fire, which started from a state prescribed burn, and shifting $500,000 from private prisons to pay for more parole officers.


Colorado dog lovers have petitioned lawmakers to require more training for law enforcement so they recognize different canine behaviors and avoid shootings. The bill, which has bipartisan support, goes before the full Senate this week as it makes its way through the process.


Last year's devastating fire season has prompted lawmakers to think about establishing a state firefighting fleet. Under the bill, a new division would have the power to buy or lease firefighting aircraft. The bill faces its first test in a Senate committee on Thursday.


Democratic efforts to put new limits on oil and gas drillers continue this week. A House committee hears two of them Thursday, including a bill to allow local governments to charge for drill-site inspections. Another bill would commission a study of whether Front Range drilling operations can harm human health.


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