Jan 21, 2010 10:16 PM by Matt Stafford

42 exotic birds seized from Pueblo home

It's a collection of more birds in one home than you may find anywhere else in Southern Colorado, but animal welfare officers are saying they are all in grave danger.

"When the birds started dieing in the last 24 hours, food's not enough, they need medical care," says Donna Straub, director for Pueblo Animal Services.

There were 45 exotic birds living inside, three died in one day.

News First Five was there when a search warrant was served to seize property inside the home, including the birds.

No one was living in the condemned home at the time.

Neighbors nearby say the animals can get loud.

Jim hurt has lived across the street for 20 years. He says the man used to have many more animals and he was a breeder.

However, Wednesday's warrant says that care had stopped.

Hurt says he doesn't think his neighbor intentionally hurt the animals.

"His health had been deteriorating really fast, what I mean by that is his mental health."

Now just 5 or 6 dogs and about 150 fancy pigeons will remain, under the care of the family of the home owner. They won't be the only ones watching.

"We will be coming back, checking on the other animals," says Straub. "Maybe out here on another warrant we don't know."

For now they have a big task at hand, getting 42 birds back to health.

The birds are at Pueblo Animal Services right now. None of them are in good condition, according to Straub.

There are plans to move them to a bird sanctuary in Aspen.

The birds will not be adopted. Custody issues are still being worked out. No charges have been filed, and animal services say they don't plan to push for them.



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