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Aug 20, 2014 6:17 AM by Annie Snead

3D Printing hobby helps kids with missing limbs

A Colorado Springs engineer is using his hobby to help kids missing limbs and his generosity is changing childrens' lives.
"I really love just making things, no matter what I need I can make it. If I need a PVC pipe, ok I'll make it, if I need some parts for my bike, I'll make it; or if you need new snow board bindings, a part for my car I broke it the other day, well you can design your own. I can go ahead and print that off my computer," said Clay Guillory.
Guillory is a robotics engineer in Colorado Springs, but when he gets home, he's busy with his hobby: 3D printing.
"It takes a picture from the computer and it stacks it layer upon layer and it's made out of plastic in that picture and then you have a part, and what you can do with it is very surprising," he said.
Surprising indeed, Clay's most recent piece of work was for 8-year-old Dominic Martinez, a hand.
"I've been excited this whole week," said Dominic.
Born without a left hand, that hasn't stopped him from doing what every other kid does.
"There's nothing that he can't do," said his mom Nicole.
She recently saw a story about a man making one for his son.
"I was like wow that's really neat," she said.
So she started researching ways to find dominic one.
"I think it's just the fact that he just wanted just to see how it feels to have a hand," said Nicole.
She found Clay on Craigslist, when she was looking to purchase a 3D printer.
And he offered to print it for her.
He used a kit from "Enabling the Future"
"It's a volunteer organization and they're across the world," said Clay.
Volunteers made up of engineers, artists and many others.
Giving a "helping hand" to kids like Dominic.
"Very cool," said Dominic. "I have a lot of new stuff I can try out now besides games," he said.
We were there as Dominic got his hand.
In just a few tries Dominic picks up a toy off the floor.
A thirty hour project, well worth the rewards for Clay.
"It was a really good feeling, giving it to Dominic and seeing how it probably will change his life for the better," said Clay.
Nicole says her son loves to stay active and is an avid skate boarder.
But there's a few things he struggles with.
"He really loves baseball, and it's been really hard for him to hold a bat so I think he's going to really try to use that," said Nicole.
And the third grader says there's one thing he's been waiting to do: "To go watch the new "Transformers" with my hand," said Dominic.


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