Jan 25, 2012 11:33 PM by Carolyn Carver

13-year-old suspended for sharing inhaler

A Monument 8th grader is suspended and facing expulsion for sharing her inhaler with a friend. Alyssa McKinney, 13, says after running in P.E. her friend started having an asthma attack and ran out of her inhaler so McKinney shared hers.

"She's kind of holding her lungs and crying and she's like 'I can't breathe' you could tell from the way she was speaking she was having a hard time breathing, I was immediately concerned," says McKinney.

Now she's suspended for ten days and the school recommended she be expelled from the Lewis Palmer School District.

"I feel like I was suspended for doing something good for someone, I was just trying to help," McKinney says.

But the District Spokesperson, Robin Adair, says the zero-tolerance policy against sharing prescription drugs is in place for a reason.

"It's a prescription medication and there's a reason people go to medical school to be authorized and qualified to prescribe medicine to people, middle school students are not authorized or qualified to do that... I hope that everyone can understand the dangerous situation that might occur if kids could give prescription medication to each other."

While the McKinney's say the friend who used the inhaler had a prescription and simply ran out, the school would not tell us if the other student did in fact have a prescription. The girl later went home sick, according to McKinney, but neither she nor Adair said if she went home because of the prescription or because of the earlier reported asthma attack.

So whether the puff of an inhaler was potentially life-saving or possibly life-threatening, thats up to you to decide.


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